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The following are photos from this northwest corner of Colorado!

Prints for personal use can be purchased from the museum. 

For commercial or professional use, please contact the museum.


Cougar #12.jpg

"Cougar #12"
"At the instant she started, I stepped out from behind the cedar, and had just got in the open when she leaped almost directly at me."
An excerpt from the book "Camera Shots at Big Game" by A.G. Wallihan
Photographer - A.G. Wallihan


Cream and Butter Kids.jpg

"Cream and Butter Kids"


Craig Colorado.jpg

"Craig Colorado"
Looking north on Yampa Ave and Victory Way; taken in the 1940's


J C Penney Building.jpg

"J C Penney Building"
Palace Drug Store and J C Penney building in downtown Craig Colorado


Craig Downtown Looking South.jpg

"Craig Downtown Looking South"
Craig downtown lookin south on Yampa Ave.
Taken in 1947 by George Welch
Photographer - George Welch


Craig Colorado 2.jpg

"Craig Colorado"
Yampa and Victory Way


Craig Colorado 3.jpg

"Craig Colorado"
Looking south on Yampa at 6th Street


Craig Colorado 4.jpg

"Craig Colorado"
Looking west at Yampa Ave and Victory Way

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