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The following are photos from this northwest corner of Colorado!

Prints for personal use can be purchased from the museum. 

For commercial or professional use, please contact the museum.


A G Walihan and his pony.jpg

"A G Wallihan and his pony"
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Chukwagon Cowboys.jpg

"Chuckwagon Cowboys"
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Augusta Wallihan Killed with one shot.jpg

"Augusta Wallihan "Killed with one shot""
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Augusta Wallihan with horse and dog.jpg

"Augusta Wallihan with horse and dog"
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Augusta Wallihan and deer.jpg

"Augusta Wallihan and deer"
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Augusta Wallihan feeding chickens.jpg

"Augusta Wallihan feeding chickens"
Photographer - A G Wallihan


A G and Augusta Wallihan Compound.jpg

"A G and Augusta Wallihan Compound"
Lay, Colorado
Photographer - A G Wallihan


Three Cowboys.jpg

"Three Cowboys"


Six in Sleigh.jpg

"Six in Sleigh"
Circa 1904
Mr. & Mrs. Tuffy Towers and Frank and Ollie Humphrey
Photographer - D W Diamond


Craig Coloado Baseball Team.jpg

"Craig Coloado Baseball Team "
July 4, 1904
Upper Row: CA Ranney, Ed Howard, CS Merrill, PH Howard
Lower Row: Jeff Biggs, Dr. Guy Leach, George Welch, Carl Van Dorn
Reclining: Chub White
Photographer - D W Diamond


Augusta Wallihan - Grocery Shopping.jpg

"Augusta Wallihan - Grocery Shopping"
Photographer - A.G. Wallihan


Top O' The World.jpg

"Top O' The World"

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