Old Photos from NW Colorado

The following are photos from this northwest corner of Colorado.

Prints for personal use can be purchased from the museum. 

For commercial or professional use, please contact the museum.



Homestead on the Williams Fork River circa 1900



The cabin of "Crane and Dummy" Wilson at Timberlake Colorado, north of Craig Colorado, circa 1892.
Photographer - A.G. Wallihan



Jim Robinson and Ted Hughes west of Craig, Colorado, circa 1900.
Photographer - D.W. Diamond


Cowgirl Montana Bell.jpg

"Cowgirl Montana Bell"


Cowgirl Mildred Douglas.jpg

"Cowgirl Mildred Douglas"


Gone Fishing.jpg

"Gone Fishing"
Circa 1900 


Stage Coach.jpg

"Stage Coach"
Ben Haggerty Driver. Taken near Hayden, Colorado, circa 1910.


Homestead Life.jpg

"Homestead Life"
Williams Fork River south of Craig, Colorado. Deal Ranch circa 1900. 


Dry Farmers Wagon.jpg

"Dry Farmer's Wagon"
Craig, Colorado 
Photographer - George H. Welch


The Photographer.jpg

"The Photographer"
Mrs. Augusta Wallihan poses with the new camera at Lay, Colorado,
circa 1895.
Photographer - A.G. Wallihan.


The Dollies.jpg

"The Dollies"
Elvie and Eunice Ranney, Craig, Colorado, circa 1902.



L.E. Ponton and John Sexton taken in Texas, circa 1890.
Photographer - K.F. Amrein 


Widow Homesteader.jpg

"Widow Homesteader"
Mrs. Barton homesteaded west of Craig, Colorado in 1910.
Photographer - L.H. Hellebust


Lant and Tracy.jpg

"Lant and Tracy"
Bert Cogdill and F.H. Wood play outlaws, circa 1903.

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