Cowboy Collection


This is the result of the fifty year effort of Bill Mackin to gather and preserve fine, old cowboy gear. The chaps, spurs, saddles, gun leather, guns and other accoutrements represent one of the world's outstanding collections of western Americana. It is the basis of his own book, "Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles" (available from Museum Gift Shop). Parts of the collection have been featured in numerous other publications. The collection is displayed on the second floor of the museum in its entirety.

Bronze Replica.jpg

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James Robinson, a local cowboy around the turn-of-the-century. This pose has been immortalized in bronze and stands life size in Estey Memorial Park on the north side of the museum. Sculpted and cast by artist Jerry Smiley of Sheridan, Wyoming. Miniature cast bronze replicas are available through the Museum Gift Shop.