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Moffat County is located in the northwest corner of Colorado and covers approximately 4,700 square miles.  The county is over 3 million acres, and over 60% of the land is under state, federal or county ownership.  Major industries are ranching, farming, energy production, and tourism and recreation.

Building Information

Moffat County and the City of Craig have combined their building departments.  The newly created Regional Building Department will be operating at the Craig City Hall Building.

As of February 1, 2017 the Moffat County Building Department will no longer be accepting building permits either online or in person.

Permitting and inspections will be processed through the new Regional Building Department. 

Contractor registration and permitting will continue as before with only a few small changes.


For more information or to apply for a permit please call, e-mail, or come by the Craig City Hall at 300 West 4th Street.

Office Hours 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Marlin Eckhoff, Building Official: 



Gale Zimmerman:


We look forward to servering your building needs


Moffat County has adopted the 2006 I.B.C., I.R.C. and is a member of I.C.C.  Building permits are not required for agricultural buildings used for the sole purpose of providing shelter fro livestock, poultry, and storing farm implements and farm products.  Moffat County passed Resolution 2001-37.

For more information on building requirements and permit information, click here.
For more information on becoming a registered contractor in Moffat County, click here.

Moffat County Building Department fee schedule