Board Openings

The Moffat County Commissioners are looking for volunteers to fill the following board seats: 

Fair Board (6 seats - 3 yr term)

Local Marketing District (1 seat - 3 yr term)

Library Board of Trustees (Complete term - through December 2018)

*Maybell Community Board (2 Alternate seats – 3 yr term)

Moffat County Finance Corp. (1 seat - 3 yr term)

**Moffat County Tourism Association (2 seats - Complete terms thru January 2018)

Planning & Zoning Commission (2 alternate seats – 3 yr term)

*Must live in community to qualify for board appointment

**Must work in or be involved in some way in the  hospitality/tourism industry

Application Deadline: October 27

Please include all contact information in your letter.

Mail to: Moffat County Commissioners,

Attn:  Erin Miller, 221 W Victory Way, Suite 130, Craig CO 81625

fax 824-9191;email to

For more info call 970-824-5517.





Please include contact information in your letter of interest.
Mail To: Moffat County Commissioners
Attn:  Erin Miller
221 W Victory Way, Suite 130
Craig, CO 81625
Fax 824-9191
For more info call (970) 824-5517