Recording Information

Recording Responsibilities of the County Clerk & Recorder

It is the job of the County Clerk and Recorder to make sure all documents are recorded, given a reception number, indexed under grantor / grantee indices, and maintained and to provide access for all:

  • Federal tax liens
  • Military discharges
  • Real estate documents, including any submitted documents relating to real estate transactions
  • Uniformed commercial code fixture filings

Colorado Revised Statute 30-10-101 (2.5)(c) does not allow the Clerk’s office to conduct real estate record searches.


Historic Documents

Historic documents for research and archival purposes date back to 1800's. Images and recordings prior the inception of Mineral County to present are searchable on the internet at is a trusted and official contractor for the Mineral County Clerk. Visit and sign-up as a new user. Search on your time, when you need it-- wherever you are in the world. In house searching is available during normal business hours at the public search computer.

iCounty Fees:

           - Annual access is $1000 and is available through the County

           - Monthly access is $250.00 and is avaiable through the County

           - 30 day acess is $250.00 and is available using a Card

               (service fees apply of 3.5% & 3.7% A.E)

           - Daily access is $20.00 and is available using a Card

               (service fees apply of 3.5% & 3.7% A.E)

           - Non-Certfied prints or images are $0.25/page

           - Subdivision plats are avaiable for export full format size - $5.00/page with Card

                (service fees apply of 3.5% & 3.7% A.E)





Bureau of Land Management

United States Forest Service



Recording notes:

  • C.R.S. 30-1-116(1) requires the fees to be paid in advance to the county clerk and recorder before a document may be accepted for recording.
  • If no documentary fee is declared when we receive the document, your document could be returned for that reason. The law requires you to declare what was paid at the time of recording. If no money exchanged hands, or if it was less than $500, you need to state that on the face of the deed or a cover letter. If you don’t, the document will be returned for declaration.
  • DD 214 recordings are confidential. To protect that confidentiality, due to content, the image is not visible to the public.
  • We do not provide forms. You may purchase most forms at an office supply.
  • We do not provide legal advice. We suggest you contact an attorney or local title company before recording a document that affects title to property before recording if you have any questions.

Who to Contact for Birth, Death & Divorce Certificates

  • Birth Certificates (State Vital Statistics) - (303) 692-2224   
  • Death Certificates (Public Health Office) - (719) 658-2416
  • Divorce decrees (Court Clerk)- (719) 658-2575