Colorado Regulation 43 - Individual OWTS

OWTS Owner Application

Individual On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems are regulated by Regulation 43 in the State of Colorado.  Please contact the Mineral County Land Use Office at 719-658-2360 for any question regarding an OWTS.  OWTS Systems are now designed based on the soil content of that property.  The percolation test is not a valid test for designing an OWTS.  Per Regulation 43, a system in Colorado has to be designed by a "competant technician" or a licensed Professional Engineer from the State of Colorado, depending of the soil type. 

Current Mineral County OWTS Cleaners / Installers:
•    Brown’s Septic Service
•    RMS Utilities, Inc.
•    Chris Brown
•    Weavers Level Best
•    Tom O’Rourke

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