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The Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying and valuing all real and business personal property in the county. To make an equitable assessment of all classes of property at a valuation as near the actual cash value as is possible to determine.

The Assessor's offices does NOT increase your taxes. Tax levies are set by the taxing entities. The Assessor's office re-values the entire county every other year.

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Assessor's Calender

Jan. 1 Assessment date for all taxable property
May 1 Assessor sends senior exemption notice to residential property owners. Sends NOV's (notice of value) together with protest forms to all real property owners
Jun 1 (NOT Later than) Taxpayers notify Assessor in writing or in person of real property protest
Jun 15 Sends NOV's, together with protest form, for all personal property
Jul 5 (NOT Later than) Taxpayers notify Assessor of personal property protest
Aug 25 Notifies each taxing entity, DPT and Dept. of Education of total assessed valuation of all real & personal property
Oct 10 Submits report of approved Senior Exemptions to Property Tax Administrator
Dec 22 (NOT later than) Mill levies are set