Mineral County Clerk and Recorder

*** Mineral County Clerk's Office Closed to Walk-in Business***

In Mineral County I announced to my commissioners this morning that beginning tomorrow
March 18, 2020, we will have extremely limited public access to Clerk and Recorder
services, while continuing to properly support public commerce.  This will be reviewed
weekly and continue until further notice. 
I have opened my 24 Hour Election Drop Box for all County Business.
Motor Vehicle services not handled by mail, drop box or online will be dealt with by
appointments only. More complex issues will be handled by appointment at our discretion.
Late fees are exempted by DOR. www.colorado.gov
Marriage licenses will be handled by appointment.  
To maintain statutory requirements of race to the counter for recording, we will have a date
and time stamp placed on documents received by mail and drop box. Those documents will
be put in a repository once stamped, then be processed in the appropriate order among
erecordings.  icounty.org
We will be still be processing liquor licenses when applications are received by email, mail
or drop box. 
The elections office will be open to the public until the end of today. After that time the
public will need to call into our office, and any appointment will be only as absolutely
required and on a case by case basis. Preparations for elections will be ongoing.
Regularly scheduled commissioner meetings will be recorded by myself or my deputy.
Emergency meetings will be recorded by proxy unless I happen to be in attendance.
Minutes will be delivered as quickly as feasible.
Wanda and I will continue to work, but we will be creative with how this looks - from remote
working, to social distancing, to staggering work hours. We are making every effort to
ensure that both of us in care of high-risk populace or those who must quarantine can
continue working; however, limited access to DRIVES and SCORE will be an issue. 
This is one of those times when we have a chance to show what we are made of, when
those who are not sick or at serious risk “hold down the fort” for those who are – and
sincerest gratitude for that level of support for your coworkers, your livelihood, and the
citizens you serve is immeasurable. Difficult times bring us together - even when we are
socially distancing, and provide all of us a reminder of how precious every act of kindness,
every consideration, and every moment of dedication is to the good of the whole.
Be well everyone...
Eryn K. Wintz, MCCR


VIN Inspections can be done with the Sheriff's Office or if available at the Clerk's Office.



County Clerk & Recorder


The County Clerk & Recorder is elected by Mineral County voters and holds the position for a term of four years. This position is not term-limited which means someone may hold this position for more than two consecutive terms.

The County Clerk & Recorder is responsible for all motor vehicle registration and titling, recording of all documents, issuing of Marriage Licenses and sitting as Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners for minute taking purposes.

The County Clerk & Recorder is the Election Official for all elections held by Mineral County and is responsible for holding all elections according to Colorado Statute at the highest level of integrity. 


Voter Registration Information 
Liquor Licensing Information  
Motor Vehicle Registration Information
Kelly Blue Book 
Motor Vehicle Renewals
General Election Results

Contact the Clerk & Recorder

Eryn K. Wintz
Clerk & Recorder
(719) 658-2440
P.O. Box 70
1201 N. Main St.
Creede, CO 81130

Wanda Sanderson
Deputy Clerk
(719) 658-2440