National Preparedness Month Week Four: Get Involved In Your Community’s Preparedness

You and your family can help your community plan for and recover after a disaster.

  • Get to know your neighbors, in case of emergency.  Neighbors are often immediate support following a disaster.
  • Learn a life safety skill and know what to do when someone is hurt by taking a CPR and first aid class

National Preparedness Month Week Two: September 8-14 Make a Plan to Prepare for Disasters

By planning and taking action in advance, everyone can be prepared, no matter where or when disaster strikes.

  • Know your community’s risks and what you would do when they occur.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts so that during an emergency, you receive life-saving information from your state and local municipality.

September 1-7 “Save Early for Disaster Costs”

Prepare financially for disasters, now. Saving money and having insurance are the best financial defenses against disasters.

  • Create a budget that includes a savings plan so you can be ready for the unexpected.
  • Set aside money for an emergency fund to cover disaster costs you may incur including hotel stay, food, gas, and insurance deductibles. 
  • Have cash in your emergency supply kit to be ready for an extended power outage when there may be limited access to ATMs and credit cards.