Update on Child Abuse and Neglect Background Checks

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Starting on August 2, 2019, the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) Background Investigations Unit (BIU) will be able to complete Child Abuse and Neglect Checks (Trails checks) for persons responsible for supervising children and who have unsupervised contact with children. DVP-funded organizations can now request Child Abuse and Neglect Checks via BIU for any employee or volunteer who has or will have contact with children in the course of their work at the organization


Free Advanced Domestic Violence Investigation Training Events

EVAW 6.27 Training Poster.PNGYou are invited to attend an Advanced Domestic Violence Investigation training brought to you by Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) which will include information about predominant aggressor analysis, strangulation, stalking, trauma-informed interviewing, and prosecuting the case. These free training opportunities are open to system- and community-based advocates, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, child protection workers, and other allied professionals and are being offered in two rural areas this summer.

Spring Clean-Up Day

It was a rough start, but with patience, additional resources did arrive - the Dumpsters! We had many helping hands like Amy, Brendan and Emer Johnson, volunteers Patti Heber, Richard Simons and Bonnie Burke (who even brought homemade cookies!), Yvonne & Dillon Lionette and Christa & Bryan Golding. There were a lot of neighbors helping neighbors as we filled every bin to the top. Foxfield powerhouses Gene Rolfson, Greg Anderson and Chris Scoville made sure everything was being compacted and every ounce of space utilized. Terracare worked endlessly unloading and chipping branches.