About MHCD


To provide leadership in natural resource management for the betterment of all present and future residents of the district through education and example.



Established on June 7th, 1943, the Mosca Hooper Conservation District includes all of Alamosa County, minus the municipalities of Alamos and Mosca.  Total acreage within the District is 462,000 acres.  317,000 acres are private and 145,000 acres are public.  The District has a conservation history of 75+ years.

Across the United States, nearly 3,000 Conservation Districts work with landowners to conserve and promote healthy soils, water, forests, and wildlife. In addition, Districts also serve as coordinators for field, farm, ranch, and forestland conservation practices to protect soil productivity, water quality and quantity, air quality, and wildlife habitat.


Elected Officials and District Manager

 Mosca-Hooper Conservation District is proud of its achievements. The board of supervisors is a diverse group of stake-holders that come from all reaches of the agriculture community. This combination of experience and talent helps to ensure sound management of natural resources within the District.


Robert Rice 
Board President
MD, Conservation Enthusiast

Lawrence Ortega
Board Vice President

Cody Burns
Board Treasurer

Patrick O'Neill
Board Supervisor



Robin Cope
District Manager


Mosca Hooper Conservation District
101 S. Craft Drive
Alamosa, CO  81101