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Additional Considerations

Environmental Benfits Policy Calculator

Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities are eligible under the Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs to support communities in reducing the risks associated with climate change. These activities are: Aquifer Storage and Recovery, Floodplain and Stream Restoration, Flood Diversion and Storage, and Green Infrastructure Methods. These activities can mitigate any natural hazard; however, the activities are focused on mitigating the impacts of flood and drought conditions. 

Environmental benefits can be included for each structure when the project benefit cost ratio (BCR) reaches 0.75.  

Download or read the FEMA Guidance.

Benefit-Cost Analysis Landslide Methodology Update

Hazard Mitigation Assistance has developed a methodology for calculating the Benefit Cost Ratio for the acquisition of properties in landslide hazard areas where the risk of catastrophic failure of the slope is imminent. An immediate threat is within five years of the timeframe of application development.  

The Benefit Cost calculation is demonstrated using a landslide calculator spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is not included in the BCA Tool. Download the FEMA Landslide Acquisition BCA spreadsheet. Inputs required to run the analysis are the building replacement value, number of occupants and the project costs. The tool calculates all the other values automatically based on FEMA standard values and methodologies.

Grantees will be required to attest that the structure is within five years of imminent collapse due to landslide hazards. They may obtain this determination from a state or local professional geologist or engineer. If a professional geologist or engineer is hired to make the determination, the cost for those services is eligible for the project.

Technical Assistance

FEMA’s BCA Technical Assistance Helpline is available to provide assistance using FEMA’s BCA Software. Inquiries presented to the Benefit Cost Helpline are addressed on behalf of FEMA by an outside entity. The Benefit Cost Helpline cannot review or perform benefit cost analysis. Assistance requests in reviewing or performing BCA and eligibility or policy questions should be direct to the local State Hazard Mitigation Officer.

The Helpline’s hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (E.T.) Monday through Friday.
Phone: 1-855-540-6744