Recovery Resources

The DHSEM Mitigation and Recovery Section has compiled the resources below to share with stakeholders involved in recovery efforts.  

Animal Care

Animals in Emergencies, DVD, FEMA K-673

PetAid Colorado: Disaster Services

Burned Area Emergency Response ( BAER) Teams

A BAER Team is a standing or ad hoc group of technical specialists (hydrologist, rangeland management specialists, biologists, soil scientists) that are assigned to prepared a plan or report on the burn area.  

Interagency Burned Area Response Guidebook, February 2006

Behavorial Health

Colorado Crisis Education and Response Network (CoCERN)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning, CDC&P, US, DHHS

Building Green

Colorado Energy Office

National Renewable Energy Lab

Model Green Building Program, DOLA

Building Inspections

International Code Council - Colorado Chapter, Inc.:  Building Damage Assessment Team

Business Contingency Planning, Business Continuity

Association of Contingency Planners, Colorado Rocky Mountain Chapter, Inc.

Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry, FEMA

Community Recovery

FEMA: Response and Recovery

Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning, CDC&P, US DHHS

Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (COVOAD)

Continuity of Government

Emergency Preparedness Disaster Recovery Resource Guide, National Center for State Courts

Damage Assessment

EPA Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Debris Flow Hazards

Debris Flows-Fan (Mudslides), Colorado Geological Survey

Debris Management

Debris Management Guide, FEMA

Debris Estimating Field Guide, FEMA

Public Assistance Debris Monitoring Guide, FEMA

US Army Corps of Engineers Debris Management

Proper Debris Management - Key to Disaster Recovery and FEMA Assistance, Adjuster's International Disaster Recovery Consulting, Disaster Recovery Today

Disaster Assistance Center

A disaster assistance center is an easily-accessed facility (fixed or mobile) where victims can go to receive information, assistance and/or applications. Agencies represented in a disaster assistance center will vary depending on the need and availability.

Disaster Recovery Center, FEMA

Economic Recovery

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Emergency Support Function (ESF) 14

State EOC Plan, Emergency Support Function (ESF) 14: Long-Term Community Recovery

National Response Plan, Emergency Support Function #14: Long-Term Community Recovery

Environmental Issues

Air Quality: Air Pollution Control Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)

Asbestos Compliance Assistance Group, Air Pollution Control Division, CDPHE

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division, CDPHE

Water Quality: Water Quality Control Division, CDPHE

Federal Disaster Recovery Assistance

Disaster Assistance: A Guide to Recovery Programs, FEMA

FEMA Fire Management Assistance Grant Program(FMAG)

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program(HMGP)

FEMA Individual Assistance Program(IA)

Notice of Maximum Amount of Assistance Under the Individuals and Households Program, Federal Register, Federal Fiscal Year 2012

FEMA Public Assistance Program (PA)

Flood Insurance

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), FEMA

Community Status Book

Flooding Hazards

Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers 

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Flood Maps

Colorado Flood Threat Bulletin

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

FEMA Data Visualization: Historical Flood Risk and Costs

Geologic Hazards

Colorado Geological Survey

Hazard Mitigation

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program (PA)

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs

Hazardous Materials

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Hazardous Waste


Colorado Division of Insurance

Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

Land Use

Land Use Review Program for Geologic Hazards

Solving Land Use Problems, Colorado Geological Survey

Model Land Use Codes, DOLA

Local Recovery Tools

Long Term Community Recovery Planning Process: A Self-Help Guide December 2005

A Guide to the Disaster Declaration Process and Federal Disaster Assistance, FEMA

Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (COVOAD) Resource Library

Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for Local Governments

Recovery Manager

Some communities impacted by events over the past years have opted to hire or designate someone as the Recovery Manager. The position description has varied based on need, ranging from individual/family case manager to recovery committee/task force administrator to rebuilding/reconstruction coordinator to grant writer/administrator. What each community will need depends on its own circumstances.

Community Recovery Manager Toolkit, FEMA

State Hazard Mitigation Officer Tool Box

Target Capabilities

Target Capabilities List: A companion to the National Preparedness Guidelines, US Department of Homeland Security

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: Emergency Watershed Protection Program

USDA Farm Services Agency

USDA Risk Management Agency