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Colorado Public Assistance Program Administrative Plan

The Colorado Public Assistance Program Administrative Plan contains policies and procedures that the State of Colorado (“the State”) and the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (“DHSEM”) will use to request, secure, and administer grants for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) Public Assistance (“PA”) Program. No statement in this plan shall be interpreted to override or supersede any federal or state law, regulation, authority, executive order, or prescribed policy. The State will comply with all the administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for Federal awards found at 2 CFR Part 200 and 2 CFR Part 215. The State assures FEMA that it shall comply with all applicable Federal statutes and regulations in effect during the periods for which it receives grant funding, including those listed under the Authority section below. The State acknowledges that funding under the FEMA PA Program is conditional upon the State’s compliance with the terms and conditions of this plan.  The plan was approved on February 11, 2019. 

FEMA Public Assistance Program (PA)

FEMA's Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program provides assistance to State, Tribal, and local governments, and certain types of private nonprofit organizations so that communities can quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies declared by the President. Through the PA Program, FEMA provides supplemental Federal disaster grant assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the repair, replacement, or restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned facilities and the facilities of certain private non-profit (PNP) organizations. The PA Program also encourages protection of these damaged facilities from future events by providing assistance for hazard mitigation measures during the recovery process (known as 406 mitigation). Prior to a declaration, a preliminary damage assessment is usually required.

FY2019 Public Assistance Indicators for the State of Colorado

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