In the State of Colorado's Office of Emergency Management, the preparedness mission areas of mitigation and recovery are integrated. Mitigation and Recovery Section staff implement the associated grant programs, facilitate planning processes, conduct risk assessments, and provide technical assistance. The team provides support to state agencies, local jurisdictions, and other mitigation and recovery partners during disaster and emergency events and during recovery and pre- and post-disaster mitigation operations.

Mitigation and Recovery Staff

MARS staff list
Name Progam Telephone
Matt Arsenault Mitigation Specialist 720-708-8358
Scott Baldwin Deputy State Mitigation Hazard Officer 720-852-6696
Johan Barrios Public Assistance Team Lead 720-852-6702
Steve Boand Recovery Manager 303-915-6063
Vanessa Castillo Mitigation Specialist 303-519-0999
Cynthia Deham Administrative Assistant 720-852-6697
Marilyn Gally State Mitigation/Recovery Hazard Mitigation Officer 720-852-6694
Patricia Gavelda State and Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Program Manager 970-749-8280
Hart Gillespie Program Assistant 720-852-6704
Michael Haney Disaster Project Specialist 303-594-0572
Kevin Klein Division Director / State Disaster Recovery Coordinator 303-239-4655
Robyn Knappe Voluntary Agency Liasion 720-852-6617
Jaclyn Kurle Disaster Case Managment Administrative Assistant 720-852-6701
Lauren Leavitt Dispaster Project Specialist n/a
Carleigh Leach Disaster Project Specialist n/a
Gail Leek State Mitigation Planning Specialist 720-630-0365
Todd Loggins CDBG-DR Project Specialist n/a
Ted Lucero Disaster Project Specialist 303-917-4268
Irene Merrifield Disaster Project Specialist 303-913-2948
Natalie Miklas Disaster Finance Specialist 720-326-3628
Rosalyn Middleton Disaster Project Specialist 720-852-6722
Don Moore State Recovery Liaison 720-852-6711
Mark Petitt Disaster Project Specialist 303-912-7845
Jim Raymond State Recovery Liaison 303-870-4827
Mike Schaub State Recovery Liaison 303-915-9971
Mercedes Schwall Disaster Case Management Accountant Tech III 720-852-6721
Sean Settle Mitigation Specialist 720-852-6709
Chuck Sullivan Disaster Case Management Program Manager 720-852-6720
Mark Thompson Local Mitigation Planning Specialist 720-630-0770
Micki Trost Strategic Communications Director/PIO 303-472-4087
Justine Willman Recovery Specialist, CDBG-DR 303-852-6712