Frequently Asked Questions:  HMGP

A list of questions and answers is provided on the FEMA website.

Colorado Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When is the deadline for applications?
A:  August 29, 29, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Q:  Will my project get funded?
A:  Maybe. Developing a complete application is crucial. Additional information regarding the program priorities has been provided in emails and applications.
Q:  Is there enough funding to fund all of the projects.
A:  No, currently we are over subscribed in many areas. Money was set aside for specific project types, like wildfire. We are under-subscribed for wildfire projects and plans. The additional funding will applied towards other project types such as acquisitions and flood reduction projects.
Q:  What is the period of performance?
A:  Thirty-six (36) months
Q:  Can I use other grants as my cost match?
A.  Some grants can be combined with HMGP to provide match, such as CDBG-DR and the Department of Natural Resources Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant (WRRF). 
Q:  What is the cost match?
A:  For most project types, the federal share is 75%, the state is providing 12.5%, leaving the subgrantee responsible for the remaining 12.5%. 
Q:  If I did not already apply, can I still submit an application?
A:  No, the State is no longer accepting projects that were not identified during the Notice of Intent period, which ended March 16, 2014.