Prioritization of PA Scope Change Requests

As discussed on the Public Assistance (PA) Conference Call this month, the State has begun prioritizing incoming Scope Change Requests that require FEMA review prior to Project Closeout.  A report of the current Scope Change prioritization was posted on Friday to within the Resources & State Guidance section. The report is titled "DHSEM PA Scope Change Report August 2016". The State will post updates to this report on EMGrants every two weeks beginning September 12, 2016
Note that this prioritization applies only to Scope Change Requests that meet criteria for FEMA's consideration prior to Project Closeout. All other Scope Change Requests that have been deferred to Closeout are not considered on this list. 
The priority ranking is based on several factors, such as impacts to a project's recovery schedule, and this is discussed in the Scope Change Report. Please understand that the State determined the current priority ranking after diligent consideration of each Scope Change Request, and the highest priority items are those that require immediate action. If you have any objections or questions about the current prioritization of Scope Change Requests, please contact Jo Barrios ( or your Recovery Officer. 
Thank you so much,
State of Colorado DHSEM


FEMA 4229-DR-CO Public Assistance
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For those who wish to become more familiar with FEMA’s Public Assistance and the processes applicants follow throughout the grant program, please take FEMA’s Independent Study: Introduction to FEMA’s Public Assistance Program located at IS-634: Intro to FEMA's Public Assistance.