DHSEM and FEMA Public Assistance Call Follow-up: November 14, 2017

DHSEM and FEMA Region VIII held a Public Assistance (PA) Coordination Call earlier this week on November 14, 2017 to discuss priority projects and resolve critical issues. The call focused on the following topics: Version/Scope Change Requirements, Closeout Payments, Review Timelines, and Priority Project Determination Criteria.
See attached for a memorandum from FEMA and DHSEM capturing the questions and answers (Q&A) that were discussed during the call. Additional attachments to this email include the following:
DHSEM will post the Priority Listing every two weeks in CO.EMGrants.com within the Resources &State Guidance section under the Public Assistance category.
If your organization has any questions or critical issues that have not been addressed, please contact your Closeout Representative at DHSEM or email the PA Team at cdps_dhsem_pa4229@state.co.us.
Thank you,
State of Colorado DHSEM


FEMA 4229-DR-CO Public Assistance
Hotline:  720.500.5510
For Direct Assistance, please contact:
Jim Raymond  |  303.870.4827  |  james.raymond@state.co.us
Mike Schaub  |  303.915.9971  |  michael.schaub@state.co.us 
Hart Gillespie  |  303.482.7295  |  caroline.gillespie@state.co.us