Closeout Web Training Information Posted to Website

The State previously provided Closeout Web Training from December 7th through December 13th regarding Large Project Closeout for Public Assistance projects. This training covered how to prepare documentation for closeout, what to expect for closeout payments, and how to initiate the closeout process in EMGrants. 
The following resources from the Closeout Web Training have been posted to within the Resources and State Guidance Section for Public Assistance:
  • Public Assistance Closeout Web Training, December 2016
  • Q&A from Public Assistance Closeout Web Training
  • Example Expense Listing for Closeout
  • Zip-File Folder Structure for Closeout
We recommend viewing the PDF files using Internet Explorer or software on your computer (i.e. Adobe Viewer), as some of these documents do not show up correctly when using Google Chrome.
We will also post a recorded video of the presentation to EMGrants by next Monday, January 2nd, 2017. If you need any assistance with Large Project Closeout, please contact your State Representative or send us an email at