Submit A Topic for the Retail Marijuana Public Health Committee to Study

The Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee (RMPHAC) is seeking public input on topics to study related to the potential adverse effects or public health impacts of marijuana use.

The RMPHAC was established per Senate Bill 13-283 and 25-1.5-110, C.R.S. Duties of the Committee are to review the currently available scientific literature and data on health effects of marijuana use and data on patterns of marijuana use, on an ongoing basis. Previous reports by the committee are available at:

Topics can be broad or specific. You may submit as many topics as you like but please list ONE topic per submission. Topics submitted will be prioritized by the RMPHAC on a continual basis and reviewed as resources allow.

Click here to submit a topic. 

For more information on RMPHAC and upcoming meetings, visit the RMPHAC webpage.