Lynne sets stage for Women’s Chamber honorees

When Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne was in high school, women only played half-court basketball, because the conventional wisdom was that they weren’t strong enough to run the full court. Women weren’t permitted to run marathons and they certainly weren’t leading companies.

“My dad said I had the choice of three jobs: nurse, teacher or secretary,” she said. “Those are great jobs, but they just weren’t the direction I wanted to go in.”

The message: Women have come a long way since then — but there’s still a long way to go, Lynne said. Currently, only one in 10 board members for Fortune 500 companies is female, and women hold only 17 percent of C-suite offices.

“At this rate, it will take 100 years before women are represented at the same level as men in the boards and offices,” she said. “In Colorado, we’ve had 45 governors, but none of them have been women. We’ve had 49 lieutenant governors and only five of them have been women. We still have some work to do.”

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