Lt. Governor

Donna Lynne-WEB2.jpgThe Lieutenant Governor serves as the state’s second highest-ranking elected or appointed official in the executive branch. According to the Colorado Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor has the authority to act as the Governor if the sitting Governor is traveling out of state or unable to act as Governor.  The Constitution created the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs in the Lieutenant Governor's Office and designates the Lieutenant Governor as Chair of the Commission (CRS 24-44-102 & CRS 24-44-104). Additionally, the Lieutenant Governor has the ability to act as the head of a principal department or as the state's Chief Operating Officer (CRS 24-1-108).

In her dual role as the Lieutenant Governor and Chief Operating Officer, Donna Lynne engages in all aspects of state leadership, including the development and execution of policy, legislation, operations, and the budget. Lieutenant Governor Lynne acts as the chair for multiple commissions and programs, such as the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, Colorado Space Coalition, the Early Childhood Leadership Commission and the Governor's Commission on Community Service. The Lt. Governor’s Office also oversees the Colorado State Innovation Model and the Office of eHealth Innovation.