Convenient Drop Box Available for Voted Ballots or Tax Payments

We encourage you to use our new convenient drop box for your property tax payments, voted ballots, motor vehicle license renewals or other county business that you would like to deliver after hours or for convenience during business hours.  

County personnel will be checking the box often.  We hope that you will use this convenient alternative especially when the weather is bad or when you want to save time!  


The drive up drop box is located in the parking lot entrance to the Courthouse off of Ash Street on the east end of the parking lot. 

The drop box can be used for voted ballots, motor vehicle renewals, tax payments and any other county business after hours or during business hours for convenience. 

The box will be open 24 hours unless there is a deadline for taxes or after 7 p.m. on election night.  The box  will be checked once a day at times other than election time when ballots are mailed out.  During elections it will be checked multiple times a day.  The box should hold between 750 to 1000 ballots.  The box is under 24 hour surveillance.  It is a felony to break open or tamper with the box.  It is illegal to drop off more than ten ballots in the box for any election. 

If there is a problem with the drop box, contact information is on the side of the box.