Department of Motor Vehicles

Pamela M. Bacon, Logan County Clerk

Logan County Courthouse
315 Main Street, Suite 3
Sterling, CO 80751
970-526-5384 (Motor Vehicle Fax)

Hours 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F  Closed all legal holidays.

Department of Motor Vehicles

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(Service fee of 2.25% applies plus $.75 per transaction for credit card and $1.00 per transaction for electronic check.)

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If you are looking for: Title Info, Registration Info, License Plates Info including Regular License Plates, Group License Plates, Military License Plates, Alumni License plates or other License Plates, Person With Disabilities Info, Other Information see link below: 

State of Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

DR2697 Certification of Equipment Compliance for  Homemade and In Lieu of Bond Trailers

In Colorado, a one month grace period is given for all renewals. (Example:  If your plates expire in February, you have until the last working day in March to renew your plates.)  Mandatory late fees are collected after the one month grace period for every month past the grace period on your vehicle up to a maximum of $100.00.  This fee is in addition to standard renewal fees. 

If transferring a Colorado title to your name without a lien, a new title may be printed.  The person whose name is on the title that is being transferred to must be present with a photo ID.  Note:  Secure and verifiable identification will be required. 


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County Drop Box





The drive up drop box is located in the parking lot entrance to the Courthouse off of Ash Street on the east end of the parking lot. 

The drop box can be used for voted ballots, motor vehicle renewals, tax payments and any other county business after hours or during business hours for convenience. 

The box will be open 24 hours unless there is a deadline for taxes or after 7 p.m. on election night.  The box  will be checked once a day at times other than election time when ballots are mailed out.  During elections it will be checked multiple times a day.  The box should hold between 750 to 1000 ballots.  The box is under 24 hour surveillance.  It is a felony to break open or tamper with the box.  It is illegal to drop off more than ten ballots in the box for any election. 

If there is a problem with the drop box, contact information is on the side of the box.  


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