Recorder's Notes by Pamela Bacon, Logan County Clerk and Recorder

Election Information:

U.S. Elections Project and Nonprofit Vote Released a forty page report entitled, “American Goes to the Polls 2018:  Voter Turnout and Policy in the Country in March 2019 that presents election data and analyzes how voting polices impacted voter participation and engagement.

The report found a significant increase in voter turnout for the 2018 midterm election. 

  • Estimated 50.3% of the voting eligible population voted
  • Voter turnout was the highest midterm turnout since 1914
  • Largest increase in midterm turnout over a four-year period

Ranking the fifty states according to turnout for the midterm elections (top 10 in order were):

Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin, Oregon Maine, Washington, North Dakota, Michigan and Iowa.

The top 10 states have policies in place to promote more participation that can have a positive impact on turnout.  Seven of the ten top states allow for same day voter registration and three of the top ten statues us vote-at-home (vote-by-mail) systems where ballots are mailed to all voters. 

Same day registration states had an average seven point turnout advantages compared to states that do not offer same-day registration. 

In Colorado, the 2018 midterm election produced its highest voter turnout ranking ever and permits same day registration and conducts vote by mail. 

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