From time to time, commission, council or the public seek to make changes to the municipal code. To make changes to the code, an Ordinance is necessary. Ordinances can only be adopted through a public hearing process. Notices of such hearings must be published in the local paper. The proposed Ordinance must be published. The opportunity for the public to speak and express their opinions and participate in the discussion is during the second reading of an Ordinance. City Council weighs and processes the information presented and then renders a decision. Leadville Municipal Code or the "Muni-Code" gets updated once a year with all the passed ordinances from that calendar year. Therefore current year ordinances will not be published in the Leadville Municipal Code (found here: https://library.municode.com/co/leadville/codes/code_of_ordinances)  until January of the new year. Below are Ordinances which have been adopted this calendar year.