Leadville Main Street Program


The City of Leadville has been a Department of Local Affairs Main Street Community since 2015 and are a local affiliate member of the National Main Street Center-  Main Street America. The Mission is to encourage economic growth and historic preservation in downtown Leadville. With the history of Leadville in our hearts and the future on our minds, Main Street allows us to focus our efforts on developing a long-term vision for the city that outlives the mining industry while Lovin' On Leadville.

Our community is only as strong as its core, and our Main Street Steering Committee is working to make Leadville a vibrant, sustainable and complete downtown!  Main Street's Vision is creating a downtown legacy for future generations by sustaining a community that embraces its past while encouraging its future. The Main Street program has members that represent businesses, non-profits, community members, and elected officials. The Main Street program continues to build capacity with its volunteer base, fundraising, and sustainability. 

For the past few months, Leadville Main Streets has been inviting EVERYONE to shop locally, spend wisely, and invest smartly. Not just a fad, research has proven that shifting a portion of your spending from national chains and the internet to independent locally-owned businesses have a dramatic effect on your local economy. Leadville Main Streets thinks it’s time to take the invitation to shop sensibly a step further.

We want YOU to take the 10% Leadville Pledge and commit to shifting 10% of your regular spending to local businesses in Leadville. That is because independent retailers re-spend two to three times more of each sales dollar locally than their chain competitors. $30 more for every $100 spent stays in our community when shopping Leadville.  Small business accounts for 65% of new jobs to the economy and donates 2x as much to local charities.

Join the growing community of localists, who understand the connection between their actions and the preservation of our community by taking the 10% Leadville Pledge. Click here to Pledge. Once you’ve taken the pledge, let everyone know with #LeadvillePledge #LovinOnLeadville on Facebook. Taking the pledge is the first step to share your commitment to building a culture of giving back to our businesses.

To Learn More Contact:

Destinee Lukianoff

Leadville Main Street Revitalization Specialist

Email: d.lukianoff@gmail.com

Phone: (248)459-7818