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Susan Corliss

Kit Carson County Clerk & Recorder

Susan Corliss 
Office Phone- (719) 346-8638 ext. 301   
Office Fax- (719) 346-8721
Kit Carson County Clerk and Recorder
251 16th Street, Suite 203, Burlington, CO 80807

Office Hours M-F 8:00AM - 4:00PM


By state constitution, the clerk and recorder is required to be the recorder of deeds and the clerk to the board of county commissioners. By tradition, the clerk and recorder is usually the primary administrative officer of most counties and by law, the clerk and recorder is responsible for carrying out certain state functions. The clerk is the agent of the state Department of Revenue and, among other duties, is charged with the responsibility of administering state laws relating to motor vehicles, certification of automobile titles, and motor vehicle registration. The clerk is also responsible for administering all primary, general, and special elections held in the county, and for registration of voters, publication of notice of elections, appointment of election judges, and printing and distribution of ballots. The clerk and recorder also issues marriage licenses, maintains records and books for the board of commissioners, collects a multitude of license fees and charges required by the state maintains property records, and furnishes deed abstracts upon request.

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Everything you didn't know about the Clerk and Recorder's Office
By Susan Corliss
Kit Carson County Clerk and Recorder

Election Information:
Next week Tuesday, March 6, 2018 is Precinct Party Caucus Day!

The Kit Carson County Elections Division is not directly involved in the caucus process.  For more specific information, please contact your Republican Party or Democratic Party. 

If you are unsure what party you are affiliated with call our office 346-8638 ext 233 prior to Caucus Day to obtain that information along with what precinct caucus you should attend. 

Political Party Chair People are: 
Democratic Chair is George Robben contact information 719-349-0449 or .  Republican Chair is Diane Homm contact information 719-346-8357 or .   

What is a precinct caucus? 
• The 2018 Precinct Party Caucus Day is March 6, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. 
• In each even-numbered year, political parties hold their precinct caucus on the first Tuesday in March to begin the process of electing candidates to nominate in the up-coming election. 
• Registered voters of the same political party gather at their respective precinct location to select delegates to represent the precinct at the county assembly and committee officers to organize political activities for the precinct. 
• Precinct caucuses are open to the public and held throughout the state. 
Who can vote in a precinct caucus? 
• A resident of the precinct for 30 days.
• A resident affiliated with the caucusing political party for at least 2 months before the precinct caucuses. 
o January 2, 2018 – was the last day to affiliate with the Republican or Democratic Party in order to vote in the March 6 party precinct caucus. 
• A registered voter no later than 29 days before the caucus.
o February 5, 2018 – was the last day to update your voter registration address to participate in the March 6 party precinct caucus. 

Those who would be interested in serving as an election judge should attend their respective party’s caucus and add their name to the judges list. 

The following departments of the Kit Carson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office can also be reached by calling (719) 346-8638 and dialing the extension number:
Ext. 233 – Election Department for voter and election questions. 
Ext. 236 – Recording Department for information concerning recording legal instruments.
Ext. 301 – Drivers’ License & Motor Vehicle Department for license plates/renewals or titling a vehicle.
You can also reach the clerk's office by email at