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Sales Tax TABOR Notice 2018

Election Notice for Publication 2018


Please check out the Colorado Secretary of State page for state wide information about elections and voter registration. You can find voter registration forms there.

If you have moved or changed your name, you need to update your registration.  All elections in Colorado are now mail-in ballot elections only.  If you are registered, you will automatically receive ballot information in the mail.  You can pick up a voter registration form at Town Hall, the County Clerk’s Office, or update your registration information online: https://www.sos.state.co.us/voter-classic/pages/pub/home.xhtml. You can also download the Mail-In Voter Registration Form.


The Town of Ignacio is a Colorado Statutory Town and, as such, is subject to the Colorado Municipal Elections Code.

The Town of Ignacio Board of Trustees is made up of six Trustees and a Mayor; all seven members are elected individuals residing within Town Limits.  All seven seats serve four-year terms, and all Trustees are limited to two consecutive terms.  However, a Trustee, having served two four-year terms, may then serve two additional terms as Mayor, as the Mayor's seat is considered to be a different office from that of Trustee.  Conversely, a two-term Mayor may serve two terms as a Trustee at the conclusion of the second Mayoral term.  Elections are held on the first Tuesday in April during even-numbered years.


The next municipal election is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3, 2018.


In order to vote in a municipal election, an elector must be age eighteen or older, a citizen of the United States of America, must have resided within Town limits for at least thirty (30) days prior to the election, and must register as an elector.  Registration may be made by submitting an application through the mail, a voter registration agency, a local driver's license examination authority, or you may register online via the Colorado Secretary of State website.  You can also download and print a registration form and return it to the La Plata County Clerk or Ignacio Town Clerk up to and including Election Day.  A voter may only be registered in one County; multiple registrations are deleted by the Colorado Secretary of State.


To run for a Town Trustee seat, a candidate must be a registered elector, and must have resided within the Town for at least twelve (12) consecutive months.

From the Colorado Election Code, C.R.S. 31-10-301:

Every registered elector eighteen years of age or older on the date of the election may be a candidate and hold office in any municipality, unless another age is required by local charter or ordinance, if he has resided in the municipality or municipality and ward, as the case may be, from which he is to be elected for a period of at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election.

A "residence" is defined in C.R.S. 31-10-201(3)(a) as:

The residence of a person is the principal place or primary home or place of abode of a person.  Principal or primary home or place of abode is that home or place in which his habitation is fixed and to which a person, whenever he is absent, has the present inention of returning after departure or absence therefrom, regardless of the duration of absence.  In determining what is a principal or primary place of abode of a person, the following circumstances relating to such person may be taken into account: Business pursuits, employment, income sources, residence for income or other tax purposes, age, marital status, residence of parents, spouse, and children, if any, leaseholds, situs of personal and real property, and motor vehicle registration.

A candidate must be registered to vote in Ignacio prior to submitting his signed affidavit and nomination petition.


Nominations are made via signed petition.  A nomination petition may be signed by any elector registered in Ignacio.  Ten signatures from Ignacio-registered electors are required, however an elector may sign only as many petitions as there are contended seats.  Petitions will be available from the Municipal Clerk.  Following circulation, the candidate must provide a notarized signature on the petition, and must return the form to the Municipal Clerk.

Candidates must also file three (3) campaign finance resports with the Municipal Clerk.  Campaign Finance forms will be provided by the Municipal Clerk.  There are also rules pertaining to committees who contribute funds to candidates.  Nominees are encouraged to contact the Municipal Clerk for more information on this topic.  The Ignacio Municipal Clerk can be reached by calling Town Hall (970-563-9494).



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