Independent Ethics Commission Announcements

IEC Appoints Fifth Commissioner

The IEC welcomes its newest Commission member, Ms. Jo Ann Sorensen.  Ms. Sorensen was appointed by the IEC as its Fifth Commissioner in September, 2016.


Ethics Codes for Home Rule Cities or Counties -- IEC DRAFT Position Statement

The IEC is considering a Position Statement addressing Colorado’s Home Rule Cities and Counties and Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution.  After having received public comment, the IEC has published its DRAFT Position Statement.  The IEC has extended the comment period and any interested person is encouraged to provide responsive comments to the DRAFT Position Statement on or before August 30, 2016.  The DRAFT Position Statement and public comments have been posted to this websitePlease email your comments to


New Complaint Form

The IEC has adopted and published its new formal complaint form, which can be accessed from this link.