Triple Bypass This Weekend

Important Information


On Saturday, the main impact we have on the Town of Idaho Springs is the number of cyclists descending Squaw Pass, traveling into the city on Hwy 103, making the left turn onto Colorado Blvd and continuing along the Frontage Road to Georgetown. As this portion of the route is early in the day the majority of the riders are through town by 11 :00 a.m. 

On Sunday, the Aid Station will be at the Clear .Creek School District parking lot at 320 Highway 103. In addition, we will have a rest stop on Squaw Pass at the Juniper Pass pull out on both Saturday and Sunday.  

•    Anticipated attendance on Saturday July 9 - 3,500 riders and Sunday July 10 -1,500 riders.
•    Number of volunteers (overall event) - 450 including aid station personnel.
•    ROUTE - Riders will be heading down on Highway 103, crossing over 1-70, turning left on Colorado Blvd and turning left on Stanley Road/CR 312.
•    Aid Stations are located at Juniper Pass Rest Stop (Squaw Pass) and Georgetown by Easter Seals Camp on Saturday; Clear Creek School District office parking lot on Sunday. Food, water, medical, mechanics and portalets will be available.
•    There will be 4 additional portable toilets will be placed across from Clear Creek School District office parking lot to accommodate private support vehicles and cyclists as well as 2 by the Bus Stop/gas station on the other side of 1-70.
•    On Sunday, the Aid Station will be relocated to the Clear Creek School District Parking lot. There will be a total of 15 portable toilets and a number of trash receptacles.
•    Thank you for consideration and allowing the Triple Bypass to come thru Idaho Springs for past 27 years.

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