Things To Do


  • The downtown historic district on Miner Street is home to many unique shops and eateries.
  • Convenient 24 hour parking is just a block north on the Idaho Mall.
  • Public restrooms available at Citizens Park.
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  • From local secrets to regional favorites, we have a variety of dining options sure to please even the pickiest eater.
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  • Clear Creek River offers scenic views and whitewater adventures for beginners and veterans alike.
  • A number of local outfitters offer full service rafting trips, no experience necessary. Click HERE for a list registered outfitters.

Trails / Open Space

Mine Tours

Located just outside of Idaho Springs, the Phoenix Gold Mine is not to be missed.  The Phoenix Vein was originally discovered in 1871. There are three levels going to a depth of 500 feet.  Historical mining tools, ladders, milling equipment, buckets, emergency equipment and much more are on display throughout the tour.

The Argo Tunnel is a 4.16 mile mine drainage and access tunnel. The tunnel intersects nearly all the major gold mines between Idaho Springs and Central City, and is the longest such drainage tunnel in the Central City-Idaho Springs mining district.  The front 120 feet of the ARGO TUNNEL is open to the public for the first time in its history, along with the associated gold ore mill.  Most of the equipment used for processing the gold ore remains in place. The bottom level of the mill serves as a museum displaying mining and milling equipment and artifacts, old payroll records, milling receipts, and old photographs and many other antiquities.  

Scenic Drives

The highest paved road in North America, the byway stretches from Idaho Springs to the peak of Mt Evans. The road passes through three ecosystems, ancient trees, lakes and forests. Abundant goats and sheep make this a great place for wildlife watching.

Also known as Virginia Canyon Road, this dirt road runs from Idaho Springs to Central City. The road is narrow, in spots wide enough for only a single vehicle. Breathtaking views and narrow escapes will have you saying “Oh My Gawd”.


Operating since 1936, Loveland Ski Area is a local favorite. Loveland is one of the first resorts to open every year, and one of the last to close. Just 30 minutes from downtown Idaho Springs!

Echo Mountain is a ski and snowboard area located west of Evergreen, Colorado. Echo Mountain is home to Front Range Ski Club, an alpine ski racing training team and facility. Echo is scheduled open to the public in December of 2015.

Rec Center

  • The Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District, or CCMRD, was formed in 1979, and helps meet recreational needs of residents throughout the county. 
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Indian Hot Springs

  • Native Americans, who considered the springs to have healing properties, were the first to frequent the springs. The discovery of gold in the area brought development to the springs. In 1863 Dr. Cummings started charging for health baths.
  • The site now houses a large hotel, and the Indian Hot Springs continues to be enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.
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Idaho Springs Reservoir

  • The Idaho Springs Reservoir is located in the upper portion of the Chicago Creek watershed at an approximate elevation of 10,600 feet and is a popular destination for hikers and anglers alike. It can be accessed on foot the Chicago Lakes Trail. Use of the access road is by permit only and available exclusively to Idaho Springs Residents.
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Visitor Center

  • The Visitor Center shares its building with the Heritage Museum. The museum is free, and showcases a variety of mining artifacts. 
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Mt. Evans Trout Farm

  • Located just outside of Idaho Springs, the Mt Evans Trout Farm is a privately owned pond offering license free fishing, with no limit. 
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