Project Description

Project Overview and Phasing

  • City of Idaho Springs will soon take over ownership of Colorado Boulevard, providing the opportunity to lead a project resulting in a city street design that meets the needs of the community.
  • CDOT and the City began work on the Colorado Boulevard Reconstruction Program. Funding constraints led to the design and construction of Phase I, the partial design of Phase II and the acknowledgment that Phase III will occur once additional funds are identified.
  • In 2015, CDOT and the City entered into an agreement in which ownership of the road will be transferred, a process known as devolution. With this ownership comes the responsibility of creating and maintaining the city street.
  • CDOT has provided the City $21.9 million dollars to improve the road and provide for future maintenance. The City will also be receiving $100,000 from CDOT to purchase used CDOT maintenance equipment or $75,000 to purchase new equipment.
  • PARK ENHANCEMENTS will likely require additional funding.

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