Public Meeting: West Bound Peak Period Shoulder Lane on I70

City of Idaho Springs


Public Hearing: February 11, 2019

Project: 1041 Review of West Bound Peak Period Shoulder Lane

Location: Westbound lanes of I-70 bisecting Idaho Springs (entire project is 12 miles from the Veteran’s Tunnels to the I-70 / US 40 Interchange)

Applicant(s): Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Summary: This is a proposal to install Westbound Peak Period Shoulder Lanes (toll lanes) as was done on the eastbound stretch of I-70.

Improvements include:

  • Additional lane striping, and minimal widening within the existing I-70 right of way
  • Drainage enhancements
  • Highway 103 ramp improvements
  • Safety pull-outs
  • Rockfall Mitigation
  • New Digital Signage
  • Guardrails and Barriers
  • Retaining Walls

State Statute and Idaho Springs Municipal Regulations require projects such as this to complete agency review and comment and a public hearing in front of the City Council (a “1041 hearing”).

The City Council meeting is scheduled for February 11, 2019 at 7:00PM. All meetings of the City Council are open to the public and held at Idaho Springs City Hall, 1711 Miner Street. You are invited to attend the meetings listed above and comment to the Council.