Managed Parking Plan to Resume on June 7, 2019 in Historic Core

On Friday, June 7, the City of Idaho Springs and Interstate parking will resume the Managed and Paid parking program in the Historic Core of Idaho Springs. The program was suspended on May 28, 2019 following Community Feedback at a City Council meeting. 

At a worksession on June 3, City Council heard concerns from the community and made the following changes to the parking program:

  1. Paid parking in the downtown core will end at 7 PM daily.
  2. The first 30 minutes of Parking in both the surface lots and on Miner Street and the cross avenues will be free (Visitors will still be required to use the kiosk or app to register their vehicles for no charge for the first 30 minutes)
  3. Handicapped parking in the Lots and on Miner Street and the cross avenues will be free with official placard or license plate.
  4. County Residents will be able to register vehicles to park in the surface lots for free
  5. Residents that live within the “Resident Permit Zone” will not have to register guests to their homes: instead, if a vehicle is parked in the zone that doesn’t belong, we will virtually note the vehicles position, and issue a warning after 4 hours and a citation after 24 hours.
  6. Coin mechanisms will be installed in select parking kiosks in the downtown core.

In addition, the City and Interstate would like to clarify that there is “due process” in the event of a citation: if the Interstate citation appeals process is found unsatisfactory, Citations can be referred to Idaho Springs Court.

Here is an FAQ operated by interstate parking with commonly asked questions. In addition, Interstate has several on street ambassadors available to answer questions and help register community members to park. 

Here is a letter from the City and Interstate detailing these changes. 

You can contact or 303.825.0429 with any inquiries about the program.

Thank you the Community of Idaho Springs for participating in this process. 

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