Living with Wildlife

The Critters are Out

Please secure your trash and watch your pets!

Handling Conflicts

There are many resources available to help if you are experiencing conflicts with wildlife. If you have conflict issues involving big game species, you should contact your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. Big game species include deer, elk, pronghorn, sheep, goats, bear, and moose. Before calling, read the appropriate articles, listed below, to learn of ways you can reduce the potential for conflicts with wildlife.

If a wildlife conflict poses immediate danger for the animal or people in the area, call your local CPW office or law enforcement agency. Please do not call if the conflict is simply "nuisance" in nature.

If you have nuisance wildlife issues that cannot be resolved, please check the yellow pages in your phone book under Pest Control. Again, read the pertinent articles below before calling; you may be able to resolve problems on your own.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife