Community Forum for February 10, 2020

City of Idaho Springs Community Forum | Monday, February 10, 2020 | 7:30 p.m. (following the regular City Council Meeting) | Idaho Springs City Hall |1711 Miner Street

A meeting will be held at the above time and place for City residents and business owners to receive information and ask questions about various community matters, including possible development projects that have been proposed.   City Staff and officials will attend and be available to discuss the history of these projects, actions that have occurred to date, and how the City’s development review process works. 

This is an informational meeting on prior project approvals and the land use decision process only.  It is not a meeting on the specifics of how these projects might be built, what buildings may look like, what the density will be, how traffic might be routed, etc. Those kinds of details, related to the substance of a project, would be provided during formal public hearings of the Planning Commission and the City Council, if and when applications are filed for approval of such details.  

Your questions and comments are welcome.  Please attend if you are able.