Municipal Code Updates

2018-2019 Municipal Code Update

On November 13, 2018, The City Council APPROVED the new Land Development Regulation (LDR) and associated Chapters. The new LDR will be in effect December 21, 2018. Click HERE to see all approved chapters. 

On September 10, 2018, the City Council approved the new sign code (Chapter 20). The approved code can be found here: Chapter 20: Sign Code

The completed draft of the LDR, as revised and edited by the Planning Commission, has been posted for Public Review.

Click HERE for a quick description of the changes.

September 17, 2018 City Council Work Session Staff Report 

An outline indicating how the entire new land development code will be organized has also been included.

Land Development Code Outline


Following the recent update to the Comprehensive Plan, staff is analyzing a complete overhaul of the Municipal Code (Chapters 20-27) into a more cohesive land development regulation.  Some of the reasons staff is updating the Code include:


  • The existing regulations are scattered, sometimes buried in illogical places, and sometimes conflict with each other.
  • The development processes (rezonings, conditional uses, site plans, etc.) are not organized in the same places, each has a long description of the review process, some are duplicative processes and some differ from each other.
  • Each process has a slightly different description of the notification and hearing process.
  • There are illogical requirements that if read literally can be obstructive to development. 
  • The development standards are not clear or are lacking.
  • All of Historic Miner Street is zoned Commercial-One (C-1), which requires a 10’ front setback that few of the buildings meet, and allows uses by right that are not appropriate in this area.
  • The required front setbacks in the Residential-One (R-1) Zone District are 20’ whereas a majority of the primary structures in this zone district do not meet these setbacks.
  • Some development processes have extensive submittal requirements with no administrative ability to waive, whereas some materials that are necessary for complete review are not even required.
  • Technical Criteria in sections such as “Flooding, Sedimentation and Erosion Control” and “Subdivisions” are not consistent and sometimes conflict with the new technical criteria in the Standards and Specifications for Design and Construction.

Staff aims to eventually review and reorganize the entire code into cohesive and consistent sections. Staff intends to do this in two phases, with the majority of reorganizing and reformatting of the development processes occurring this year, and the more technical processes being completed under Phase II. Staff also intends to solicit consultant help for some of this process.

Public Process

All updates to the Code will be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council in public hearings. All materials related to public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council will be posted on this page.

 The first phase of the overhaul is projected to be complete by September 2018.


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