Alpine Ranger/OHVs

Alpine Ranger Alan Rae reports to the Sheriff of San Juan County, Colorado, and also serves the Sheriff of Hinsdale County and the Boards of County Commissioners of both counties. He is primarily responsible for OHV Ordinance enforcement but is also devoted to assuring that our high country visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience while they are here.

OHVs are allowed on Hinsdale County roads and Town of Lake City streets with operator and equipment restrictions and requirements in place. Please contact the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s office at 970-944-2291 for up-to-date rules and regulations, or go to Hinsdale County Sheriff for updated regulation or OHV ordinance information.
2018 OHV Ordinance

OHV operators driving Hinsdale County and Lake City roads and streets must have a valid Driver's License or Operator's Permit and must carry standard motor vehicle liability insurance (Colorado standards 25/50K). All operators must have a Colorado State Parks sticker. All operators must observe county and town speed limits (maximum 15 mph on Lake City streets – lower if posted) and all traffic laws. All OHVs are required to stay on designated roads and must observe all road restrictions. For personal safety and the safety of others, please exercise common road courtesy and mountain-driving common sense. Note: To date, the State of Colorado does NOT allow OHVs on Colorado Hwy 149, other than permitting crossover access to town streets and county roads.