Administration Office

311 Henson St., PO Box 277, Lake City, CO 81235 -- Ph. 970-944-2225 Fax. 970-944-2630

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

The Administration Office is support for all Hinsdale County Departments and the Hinsdale County Board of Commissioners. Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Accounting Administrator and Building/Enforcement Officer are located in the Administration Office at 311 North Henson Street in Lake City, next to the county courthouse. The administration office handles accounts payable/receivable for the county as well as payroll. The office also handles boat dock reservations as well as Transfer Station billing.

All BOCC meetings are held in the Coursey Annex next door to the Administration Office. For groups wishing to use Coursey as a meeting place, hours are by appointment and can be scheduled by calling 970-944-2225 or by email.

Closed on all government holidays.

Interim Administrator Sandy Hines


Finance Director - Lynn McNitt


Administrative Assistant