• Downtown Lake City and Town Park

  • Lake San Cristobal Overlook

  • Hinsdale County Courthouse

  • County boat dock at Lake San Cristobal

  • View of Lake San Cristobal from Wupperman Campground

  • Moose at Deer Lakes

  • Ute-Ulay Historic Mine and Townsite Buildings

  • Deer Lakes area

    Deer Lakes Area






SB 152 Facts - Ballot Question 1A

Hinsdale County voters will have the option of approving Ballot Question 1A on the November 6 General Election ballot, which allows Hinsdale County to “opt out” of the restrictions of SB 152, a bill passed by the Colorado state legislature in 2005 which removed local communities' authority to take steps to use publicly owned infrastructure to offer telecommunications services. For more information and to read the ballot question in full, click here.