• Downtown Lake City and Town Park

  • Lake San Cristobal Overlook

  • Hinsdale County Courthouse

  • County boat dock at Lake San Cristobal

  • View of Lake San Cristobal from Wupperman Campground

  • Moose at Deer Lakes

  • Ute-Ulay Historic Mine and Townsite Buildings

  • Deer Lakes area

    Deer Lakes Area


Backcountry Updates

CR 20 (Henson Creek Rd) is closed to all traffic past the locked gate at Snowden's Meadow pullout. This includes all traffic, motorized or foot.
CR 30 is closed to vehicle traffic past the winter closure at the start of the shelf road. It is VERY important to abide by these road closures.

Multiple large avalanches in Lake City's backcountry this winter have covered roadways and deposited massive amounts of debris including large rocks and trees into Henson Creek and the Lake Fork river. Concerns for flooding have made it unsafe for any travel beyond the gates on CR 30 (the lake road) and CR 20 (the Henson Creek road). Anyone traveling on CR 20 or recreating along Henson Creek in any area up to the closed gate should be aware of their surroundings at all times, including changes in weather as well as the condition of Henson Creek and road conditions.

A Unified Coordination Group provided by the Colorado Emergency Operations Center and coordinated by Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management through a state emergency declaration has been deployed to Hinsdale County due to flood threats. The primary missions for the Unified Coordination group are to: 1) Mitigate threat from avalanche debris, and 2) Give community members tools and information to help prepare themselves for flood events.

Residents and visitors should take note that openings of backcountry campgrounds and trails, including the Alpine Loop, will be delayed due to continued deep snow and/or avalanche debris.
photo Klondike slide area, County Road 20


Employment Opportunities

Hinsdale County currently has the following job openings:

  • Road and Bridge Supervisor
  • Emergency Manager
  • Emergency Medical Services Director
  • Deputy Building Official/Part Time Building Inspector
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Click here for complete information.

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