SIM helps fund suicide prevention efforts

By Jackie Laundon

About 800 people attended a Suicide Prevention Community Summit on May 11 that was partially funded by SIM. Goals for the summit, which was hosted by San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) in Durango, included raising awareness about how to help someone contemplating suicide and gaining feedback on local strengths, weaknesses, and unmet needs related to mental health and wellness.

Attendees represented local health systems, nonprofits, law enforcement, county officials, and many concerned community members. The summit included a brief suicide intervention training, breakout sessions focused on risk factors for different groups of patients, a resource fair, and an opportunity for community members to provide input on successful community efforts and opportunities for improvement.

Preventing suicides requires all community members and organizations to work together to share strengths and address unmet needs. SJBPH is working to build a coordinated effort that will grow over time with partner organizations that have the long-term capacity to continue this critical work in the future. Part of this work is to create an action plan for community partner collaboration.

SJBPH chose the 10 Pillars of action for a “Suicide-Safer Community” developed by LivingWorks Education as a guide. The pillars include mental health and wellness promotion, training, capacity building, clinical and support services, and other important steps that require community effort to succeed. Learn more about the SJBPH action plan.