SIM small grants

SIM practices had the opportunity to apply for up to $40,000 in small grants to meet SIM milestones and achieve goals outlined in their practice improvement plans. The funding from these grants is made possible from a $3 million grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, distributed amongst each of the three SIM cohorts. Cohort-1 practices have already been using their awarded funds in innovative ways, and cohort-2 practices are underway using funds to further their integration goals. The cohort-3 small grant program application is closed and practices are working on their integration projects. Cohorts 2 and 3 will end in June, 2019.  

Important reminder for SIM small grant practices: all SIM small grant funds must be invoiced for by March 30, 2019. All funds not invoiced for by this date will be  forfeit. Email Megan Comer at as soon as possible with any questions or concerns. 

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Cohort-3 small grants resources