SIM shares CQM data with payers

In April 2019, the SIM team shared practice-level clinical quality measure (CQM) data annually with health plans that support SIM practices.

The goal was to reduce provider reporting burden by sharing CQM data with payers, which is a requirement for some payers that support SIM practices.

CQM data reports were only provided to health plans that have contracts or other agreements with SIM practices to help ensure the sustainability of integration efforts. The data included practice-level numerators, denominators and values for each CQM submitted through the Shared Practice Learning and Improvement Tool (SPLIT). The report included full calendar year data from the fourth quarter of each year that a practice reported CQMs to SIM. Additionally health plans are notified quarterly when practices that they support are unable to meet their CQM reporting requirements for SIM and if there have been issues outside of a practice’s control that have impacted CQM reporting (e.g. electronic health record upgrades).

This data will be governed by and used solely for the purposes identified in your contracts or other agreements with health plans. It will not be disclosed, made public or shared with any party that is not authorized by an existing contract or other agreement between a SIM practice and health plan without written permission from the practice. The CQM data reports did not include any individual’s personally-identifiable information or protected health information.

The SIM team has a keen appreciation for the value of data and the work that practices do to integrate behavioral and physical health. These annual reports will help highlight that work and hopefully alleviate some of your reporting burden.