SIM makes strides

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is making strides to help providers integrate behavioral and physical health across the state. The Colorado initiative, which is funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, was designed to include all aspects of healthcare, from primary care sites to local public health agencies and the creation of a new workforce that helps providers tap into community resources. Our goals are ambitious yet the people who propel SIM forward are passionate about the need to deliver whole-person care and help providers prepare for and succeed in alternative payment models that reward the value of healthcare delivered.

And that passion has paid off. The proof is in the 260 applications received for cohort 2, which will start its work in the fall once practices have been accepted. Proof of success is also seen in the rapid cycle report and at the practice level as providers receive thank you notes from patients, who appreciate the opportunity to receive the type of healthcare they need.

The team looks forward to working with cohort-2 practices and continuing the work underway in cohort 1. We will continue to tell these stories in our practice transformation series and have added a podcast series that features the work our LPHAs are doing and highlights some of the data the SIM team is collecting to chart progress. We also hope you will take a few minutes to watch the three SIM videos to hear providers and partners talk about why SIM matters and how it helps providers and patients.

The team is boosting its efforts to communicate in new and different ways that inform stakeholders about the work underway, the plans that are being discussed at the workgroup level and the accomplishments to date.

We are retooling our monthly reports and emailing updates to workgroup members to ensure they see all the information that is regularly published online and welcome your thoughts on how we can communicate the SIM stories in meaningful ways. We are actively seeking patient stories and hope you will help us identify people who might be willing to talk with us about how their experiences with integrated care have helped them. Please email us with recommendations.

We hope you will also peruse our website and follow us on social channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to get regular updates on new podcasts, articles and data that we have released to help spread the word about the need for integrated care in Colorado and the people who are doing the hard work to provide it. The SIM team would also like to thank you - our stakeholders - for all the work you do to help communicate the work that SIM is doing in Colorado. You are incredibly important to this process and we want you to know that we cannot do this work effectively without your help, guidance and support.