Preparing teams for success in integrated settings

Effective, sustainable redesign of primary health care includes resources for team members to work collaboratively in integrated environments. Competency based learning theory (CBLT), which is focused on the outcomes of learners, is delivered through active, interprofessional simulations and experiential learning activities.

Recent efforts, which emphasize the need for providers to work as interprofessional teammates, are grounded in the Core Competencies for Behavioral Health Providers Working in Primary Care developed through a statewide consensus project. SIM stakeholders contributed to and participated in development of these competencies and led efforts to raise awareness and use. Curriculum was aligned with the core competencies and delivered in person, through an eLearning platform and by accredited educational programs during the initiative. SIM encourages practice teams to take these free courses and use this resource.

More than 300 providers and learner scholars enrolled in BH programs across the state completed the integrated behavioral health curriculum using eLearning modules to earn the Certificate of Completion. In total, more than 800 providers and learner scholars completed eLearning modules by accessing the eLearning platform hosted by the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine:

Core Competencies

  1. Identify and assess behavioral health needs as part of a primary care team
  2. Engage and activate patients in their care
  3. Work as a primary care team member to create and implement care plans that address behavioral health factors
  4. Help observe and improve care team function and relationships
  5. Communicate effectively with other providers, staff, and patients
  6. Provide efficient and effective care delivery that meets the needs of the population of the primary care setting
  7. Provide culturally responsive, whole-person and family-oriented care
  8. Understand, value, and adapt to the diverse professional cultures of an integrated care team

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