Health plan support of SIM

The SIM team appreciates support from six payers that recognize the value of delivering whole-person, patient-centered care and are willing to help SIM practices transform their processes to deliver and sustain the type of change required to provide it.

This page contains resources for the seven payers that signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and committed to work collaboratively with SIM to transform the way physical and behavioral healthcare are delivered in primary care settings. You will find communication templates that health plans can customize and send to practices that outline and explain the type of support that is offered. Our hope is that you will send regular communications to practices to improve your partnerships with them.

In addition to these communication templates, we included links to the MOU, payer framework, an explanation of the complementary nature of CPC+ and SIM, SIM practice requirements and a SIM overview as well as some of the videos, podcasts and articles that illustrate the value of SIM to healthcare providers, health plans and patients. The team welcomes your feedback on these resources. Please let us know what we can create to help you communicate effectively with your provider partners. 

Health plan resources

SIM 101