Executive support for SIM, TCPi practices

Representatives from two practices engaged in SIM and the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi), which is part of the SIM umbrella, met with Governor John Hickenlooper, who recognized their work to lead practice transformation efforts in the state. The governor acknowledged the work entailed in these two, federally funded initiatives, and noted the importance of having providers guide the way to a better healthcare delivery system. 

Care team members at Pediatric Health Center (Peak Vista), a cohort-1 practice in Colorado Springs (pictured blow), shared a practical perspective on delivering whole-person care that improves health outcomes and lowers healthcare costs. "We're able to wrap care around our patients," said one physician who led the governor on a clinic tour. "Kids can be complicated. We want to make things simple here." 

The group talked about the benefit of warm handoffs with behavioral health specialists, who complete a full picture of care, and taking a new approach to care delivery. "The thing I love about this team is that it's innovative," Pam McManus, Peak Vista chief executive officer, told Hickenlooper. "They are willing to try new things. It was the team that really made the difference."

Hickenlooper asked questions about patients served and the costs as well as savings associated with integrating care. He noted an appreciation for the practice’s participation in SIM, an initiative that paves the way for future healthcare reform. "The idea behind SIM was that we would create these cohorts [of people and practices] that would learn how to do this, prove it works and demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency."

The day after the Colorado Springs visit, Hickenlooper welcomed care team members from Colorado Retina Associates at the capitol to recognize the practice’s completion of TCPi, the first in the state (pictured below). TCPi helps care teams navigate provider compensation changes through the Medicare Quality Payment Program and value-based payment programs through commercial insurance companies, which requires more strategic use of data and an ability to prove unique value.

“We were doing the work, we had the data but we didn’t know what to do with it,” Alan Kimura, MD, MPH, Colorado Retina Associates - Managing Partner/President, told Hickenlooper. Working with practice coaches and national subject matter experts funded by TCPi, the practice pursued a different approach to healthcare delivery processes and effective use of practice data, he told Hickenlooper. “A lot of people don’t understand what waste looks like.”

Learn more about TCPi and listen to a podcast with Dr. Lisa Lewis, who shares her practice’s journey through the program for more information.